[Drama review] “Ojakgyo Brothers” 2012


Ajussi! Secret becomes secret because no one sincerely listens to it. So I don’t want to keep anything in secret from you. I want to tell you everything, I can do that, right? I’ll really say it out… I really like you, ajussi. Sometimes I feel afraid and tremble, but I’m unable to stop it
– Jaeun (OB)


So here I am, writing about a Korea film for the first time, possibly a drama/movie for the first time. There were times in the past that a drama/movie struck me so badly that I wanted to write down my emotions, but it was never strong enough, or just the chance didn’t come.

I’m telling you about Ojakgyo Brother, shortly called OB by the fans, a Korean family drama that has typical components of a drama of the same kind. A family with lot of members, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, all live together under a house roof. Even I don’t watch many K-dramas, I can tell hundreds of similarities between this drama and a few others I’ve watched. But this is, I guess, exactly the magic of K-dramas. The writers always play with viewers’ minds, throw us in a familiar storyline then throw in some twists and turns, lead us through a magnificent obsessive heart-breaking journey and then let us realize we’ve spent months watching something totally old and repetitive.

OB is a story of the same kind. A young girl who lost her mother very early, loves her father to death and used to live in richness, but suddenly she’s thrown into a mess of missing family members, bankruptcy, being homeless and empty-handed. A guy who lost his father by a car accident and had concealed his weak side for like 30 years before he met our main lady. Sounds familiar? Yes, it was exactly what I can tell you from “Brilliant Legacy”, my favorite drama of all time. I found it interesting when OB and BL have so many similarities, and I definitely love them both.

I have to be honest, Taehee and Jaeun’s shadow is too big over me that I don’t have clear mind to judge other love stories in the show. Forgive me for that, but this fangirl, who drowns herself in Taehee and Jaeun’s lake of tears, could only grasp some air to live on rather than looking around. And I can’t deny I’m all head over heel for this couple and the way they fell in love with each other.

It’s not easy to open your heart to somebody. Anyone who has started a relationship knows how it takes time to fill you with trust and relief before you can pour your heart out to a stranger. Couples are nothing more than strangers at the first moment. Then at some point, they decide to tie the knot and choose to face each other for their whole life. This decision, to me, is like a miracle. I haven’t had chance to make this decision, so I’m more curious how people can move from being strangers to this kind of tiers. This process definitely requires sincere listening and confessing. I love Jaeun’s words in OB :”Secrets become secrets because there’s no one sincerely listens to them” that’s why she wanna tell Taehee everything and I’m sure Taehee is the one who’ll sincerely listen to them; and vice versa. That’s how they fell in love. They fill the holes in each other’s heart and at the same time, fill my heart with the belief in the legendary little red thread that connects two people’s little fingers.

And can I say that I love this show because it was so ordinary and we can all relate ourselves to that?

Seeing Taehee and Jaeun falling in love is like listening to a whispering happy love song. It makes you smile. Now when recalling every moment they spent together, I am so thankful to the writer that she gave time for them to develop every little emotion towards the other. Like every time they are struck by the closeness of another face or when they give their first kiss the aftermath weirdness it deserves.

Can you find somewhere in drama that marriage proposals were sent out like the couple are discussing about what they should eat tonight? I love this ordinary side of their love story so much. It’s likely that real couples who are in love with a serious manner of marriage would never need a complicated proposal. No need of diamond ring and romantic dinner, flowers and candles, kneeing and hugging! Who says it’s ideal to say “will you marry me?” like this? No, to me, it can totally be bookshop and sweet bean soup; and who cares when there’s no couple rings, he ordered but they didn’t arrive yet. And I truly believe that I would love to have my milestone marriage proposal (if it ever happens) happen in this very ordinary way.

And let’s hear what Jaeun says about her dream family life. “Have a lot of kids, fill my home with food smell. At the weekend, the whole family go for a bath together and leave a light outside on; so when coming home, there would be no lonely feeling”. Maybe I fell for Jaeun because of these simple hearted sentences. They speak out the true meaning of a family and give a personal touch to me. She makes me realize how I hate coming back to a home with no light on.

On and on, if I tell all the little things I love about Taehee and Jaeun, it would take up several blog posts, not only one. The show will end next week and I wonder when I will get this feeling again. The feeling of finding and seeing yourself a lot within imagined story and characters. Even I’m not a crazy fan of K-dramas, but very much I want to yield “You fools!” at people who say “K-dramas are all crappy”. Because as long as you look closely, you find gems underneath, light enough to brighten your day and thoughtful enough to make you look back at yourself.


4 thoughts on “[Drama review] “Ojakgyo Brothers” 2012

  1. Yeni Ulloa February 16, 2012 / 11:22 am

    WOW!!! *BOWS* I loved EVERYTHING about your post!! It touched my heart very deeply. *SOBS* I wish there was a second season for OB…but I guess… that it won’t happen T___T
    I just hope to see my favorite OTP in a new project soon ^o*

    • ha.art February 24, 2012 / 6:24 pm

      Hi Yeni,

      It’s me who wrote this post,. this is just another blog of mine :)
      And OMG, I just realize that you’r Sailor Enigma? the one who made amazing MV of TH and JE??

      BOW deeply to you since I loveeee your videos, I feel more of the couple thanks to them, What a pleasure that you came by! I wish OB never ended :(

  2. trunghieubui88 February 22, 2012 / 9:17 pm

    yeah, starting a relationship is more risky and much harder than starting a business. I swear.

  3. ha.art March 1, 2012 / 12:59 pm

    Reblogged this on My Seung Gi and commented:
    This is my post in Haartism, my other blog. This post is both personal and both related to Korea. So I wanna post it in both :D Enjoy my current OBsessions (OB=Ojakgyo Brothers)

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